Fancy Bindi

The intricately crafted range of fancy bindis will leave you spoilt for choice! You will be spell bound and enchanted by each fancy bindi design. You can indulge yourself in our exuberantly embellished handcrafted bindi jewels and forehead jewels.
The fancy stick-on bindi comes in all colors, shapes and designs, sequinned with gold. The bindis are studded with beads and glittering stones. Our collection has truly exotic creations, using gold and silver embellishments in different shapes and sizes.
A bindi is a reusable self-adhesive body decoration. It is normally worn on the forehead. You can also wear a bindi on the corner of the eyes, upper arm, around the collar bones, lower back or ankle. Wear just one bindi to add a touch of elegance to your look. you can also mix them up and wear multiple bindis together to lend uniqueness to your outfit.


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