Belly Bindi Tattoos

Belly Bindi Tattoos – The belly bindi tattoos can be your most sensual asset when you put on a tank top, low waist jeans or a sexy costume.

Your belly button can be accentuated with our range of temporary belly tattoos and navel tattoos. These belly button tattoos look sexy, elegant and dressy.

Our tattoos for belly also known as belly button stickers and belly bindi are the most perfect to wear as

The crystal belly bindis are safe because they do not require belly piercing and thus painless. Our belly tattoo designs are admirable and alluring and can be worn for many events like hen’s party, belly dance, night club and to the beach.These lower belly tattoos will surely make you look divine.

The body tattoo collection is reusable self-adhesive body decoration and is applied just like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out it can be re-used using eyelash or body glue.

Our range of temporary body tattoos is complete, you can have a different design for different occasions.
Shop our best selling jewelry inspired designs. Fancy Bindi is manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier of Sticker Body jewels, Crystal Tattoos, Personalised Tattoo, Body gems, rose tattoos.
Sticker body tattoo jewels are great to wear for a night out, special occasion, weddings, festivals, parties, proms, dances and anytime of the year & our beautiful Temporary armband Tattoos are made with beads, studded stones, pearls, diamonds etc.

FancyBindi is belly tattoo manufacturer, crystal belly tattoo wholesaler and sticker belly tattoo Jewels exporter & we export all kind of belly tattoos ( crystal belly tattoo, custom belly tattoo , personalized crystal bindi, crystal jewel tattoo, rhinestone navel tattoos, belly jewel tattoos, temporary tatts , decorative tattoo stickers , crystal belly tattoo stickers ) to countries like USA ( United States), , Canada, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal , Japan, Spain, Austria, New Zealand, Brasil (Brazil), UK (England, Ireland, Scotland),Australia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal , other countries of Europe & lot of other countries.

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