Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka – The Indian Maang Tikka also known as the Tikka bindi and Tikka jewelry is worn on the parting of the hair. The Indian Maang tikka jewelry is a hot trend these days catching up with the younger generation. It is a very versatile piece of Indian bindi jewelery because it is a piece of head, forehead and hair jewelry.

Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman and many more looked stunning when they wore the Maang Tikka jewelry.

We have a very innovative and colorful range of body bindis that can be worn on any part of the body where you imagination guides you. This form of bodybindi body jewelry is very unique as it is a decorative and embellished with beads and diamante.

Our online body jewelry shop has a wide range of body bindis and temporary body tattoo jewel designs which will surely entice you and make you feel aristocratic when you put them on. These Sticker Body Bindis  can add bling to your body. Our Stick on Body Jewels & Crystal Tattooos are a kind of temporary body jewel that is much more a jewelry accessory than an actual tattoo. These temporary stick on bindi jewel tattoos, Bling Tattoos & temporary crystal tattoos, unlike temporary tattoos, are crystals, glitter, rhinestone & other embellishments that are embedded on a sticker sheet . Our sizzling maang tikka jewelry is handcrafted from exceptional quality crystals, studded with acrylic crystals/stones, stones and glitters to produce a beautiful design. We always use lab tested, non toxic & skin friendly glue in our tattoos which makes your experience of wearing tattoo extremely nice. Apart from Stick On Tattoos, we can also make stick on body jewels as per your personalized requirements. There are a wide range of designs and styles in these following Sticker body Jewels, The best thing is they are very much affordable, clinically tested, self adhesive and re-useable. Just peel of the jewels from the backing sheet and adhere it to which ever part of your body you would like to wear them.

The body bindi collection is reusable self-adhesive body decoration and is applied just like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out it can be re-used using eyelash or body glue.

Our range of temporary body bindi tattoos is complete, you can have a different design for different occasions. Shop our best selling jewelry inspired designs. Fancy Bindi is manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier of Sticker Body jewels, Crystal Tattoos, Personalised Tattoo, Body gems, rose tattoos. Sticker body tattoo jewels are great to wear for a night out, special occasion, weddings, festivals, parties, proms, dances and anytime of the year & our beautiful Temporary armband Tattoos are made with beads, studded stones, pearls, diamonds etc.

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