About Us

Fancybindi was conceptualized in the year 2003 and since then we have delivered to many customers worldwide. We accept retail on line orders as well as wholesale orders.

With an experience of over a decade we guarantee good quality and a wide range of designs. The raw materials are lab tested and meet International standards. We have supplied to major chain of stores, fashion designers, and have also developed customized designs of bindis and body tattoos for carnivals and sports events.

Fancy Bindi - has a colorful range of  bindis, tikas, tattoos and body decoration accessories. Located in Mumbai, India, we are International exporters of wide range of fancy bindis, designer bindis, maang tikkas, armlets, armbands, eye bindis and a variety of body tattoos available indifferent shapes, designs and colors and we offer -

  • Hundreds of fabulous designs to choose from.
  • Quality assurance at comparable prices.
  • Every women's dream collection.
  • Tempting body jewels for all occasions.
  • Custom and wholesale orders can be handled with ease.

We are sure our commitment to customer service, excellent selection and value will bring you back to www.fancybindi.com time and again.

Our Team

Bhavna Thakkar - Founder and Managing Director at Fancy Bindi

Shamta Thakkar - Social Media Manager at Fancy Bindi