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Body Tattoos PFD2RE


Product Description

Floral tattoo designs – The back tattoos are so captivating and the colors shine so vividly that these tattoo designs will surely make you feel attractive and beautiful whenever you wear them. These back tattoo designs can not only be worn as an upper back tattoo but also as lower back tattoo.

Our range of back tattoos is a fashion accessory and they look amazing as body jewels and body décor. It is a form of body art and body decoration that not only makes you look beautiful but also feel beautiful.

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These back tattoos are great to wear for a night out, special occasion, weddings, festivals, parties, proms, dances and anytime of the year. Finely handcrafted and reusable self adhesive jeweled sticker bindi tattoos and bindi face gems. Great for highlighting and decorating arms, wrist, lower back.

HOW TO APPLY – All gems are applied just like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out they can be re-used using eyelash glue. Gently peel the product off the paper after slightly bending the backing paper in the opposite direction to remove from the packaging and apply onto dry skin.

Specifications :

Condition: A brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item
Application: Upper arm, wrist, lower back, back
Type: Temporary Tattoos
Color: Red


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