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Body Tattoo PBOT023


Product Description

Body Tattoos – Our range of glitter back tattoos will add glitz to your body. It is a form of tattoo art and body decoration that not only makes you look beautiful but also feel beautiful. With the booming popularity of tattooing, people are looking forward for unique tattoo designs and placements. Glitter back tattoos are considered as style statements and their popularity is growing day by day.

We have a very innovative and colorful range of tattoo jewelry  that can be worn on any part of the body where you imagination guides you. This form of bindi body jewelry crystal tattoo is very unique as it is a decorative and embellished with beads and diamante.

Our range of tattoo jewelry is complete, you can have a different design for different occasions. Body jewelry that creates dazzling designs, available in different designs and colors for different occassions. Place the pattern wherever you want to dazzle.

Shop our bestselling jewelry-inspired designs. Fancybindi is a leading supplier of jewelry inspired body tattoos. Fancy Bindi is manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier of Sticker Body jewels, Crystal Tattoos, personalized Tattoo, Body gems, rose tattoos, flower tattoos.

Glitter back tattoos are great to wear for a night out, special occasion, weddings, festivals, parties, proms, dances and anytime of the year & our beautiful Temporary body Tattoos are made with beads, studded stones, pearls, diamonds etc.

Fancybindi is manufacturer & exporter of Armband Tattoo, Temporary Glitter Tattoos, Glitter Temporary Tattoos, Shimmer Tattoos, Glitter Armband Tattoos, Glitter Back Tattoos, Stick on Body Tattoos.

Specifications :

Condition: A brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item
Application: Upper arm, wrist, lower back, back, shoulder, neck, ankle, legs, belly button
Type: Temporary Tattoos
Color: Pink


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