Small peacock tattoos

Body Tattoos PBTP04


Product Description

Peacock Tattoos – Our small peacock tattoos  are here to capture the very essence of its existence – grace, beauty and vibrancy. A perfect blend of traditional and modern body art, our range of designer body tattoo is widely in demand for eye catching body art designs that adds an exotic persona and glamorous look of the bearer.

Peacocks are one of the most color and eye catching avian choices for a tattoo. This vibrant creature depicts beauty and grace, but the meanings are as versatile as the designs.
The bright, bold colors of the feathers of a peacock represent a fresh mind and light heart. It is a good choice for someone who is at peace with their soul. This tattoo choice is known to spread positive vibes and can often be associated with hope, belief and optimism.

Our range of temporary body tattoos will add glitz to your body. It is a form of body art and body decoration that not only makes you look beautiful but also feel beautiful. Buy Small peacock tattoostemporary tattoos, body jewelry, shoulder tattoos, back tattoos, ankle tattoos, arm tattoo.

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These Small Peacock Tattoos are great to wear for a night out, special occasion, weddings, festivals, parties, proms, dances and anytime of the year.

HOW TO APPLY – All gems are applied just like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out they can be re-used using eyelash glue. Gently peel the product off the paper after slightly bending the backing paper in the opposite direction to remove from the packaging and apply onto dry skin.

Specifications :

Condition: A brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item
Application: Upper arm, wrist, lower back, back
Type: Temporary Tattoos
Color: Black and Gold embellishments


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